6 Chattanooga Haunted Places That Will Make Your Spine Tingle

These haunted places in Chattanooga are sure to send a shiver down your spine. From Civil War conflicts to ghostly sightings, Chattanooga has its fair share of ghost stories. If you’re looking for a spooky Chattanooga adventure, these haunted places will surely do the job.

john brown’s tavern in chattanooga

John Brown’s Tavern

John Brown was a captain during the War of 1812, journeyed the Trail of Tears, and was the brother-in-law to the man who founded Ross’s Landing, which would eventually become Chattanooga. He also occupied and ran John Brown’s Tavern, a two-story log tavern in Lookout Valley. He made a living transporting tavern guests across the Tennessee River. He sang praises of his tavern as a place to stay once they were on their way back, having sold their goods and lined their pockets with gold.

Legend has it that John Brown performed maleficent acts on wealthier visitors staying at the tavern. A piece of equipment on a ghost hunt conducted there twice responded “42” when asked how many spirits were there. It’s also believed that John Brown’s body is buried somewhere on the property.

The Tavern is currently privately held and is not open to the public.

Underground Chattanooga

A city under a city? That’s what archaeologist Dr. Jeff Brown theorized in the 1970s. The archaeologist noticed building arches peeking above the streets of modern-day Chattanooga and explored below ground, discovering crumbled tunnels and old walls. While it may seem absurd, part of this theory could be true. Chattanooga experienced several floodings in the mid-to-late 1800s, and many believe this prompted city leaders to raise the street level of some of the city’s streets. However, there is little documentation to prove that any streets were actually raised.

Nevertheless, reports of apparitions and shadowy figures are the norm for business owners that have journeyed through the basements and tunnels underneath their businesses. You can learn more about the sightings and haunts of Underground Chattanooga by contacting Chattanooga Ghost Tours at (423) 800-5998.

South Pittsburg Hospital

Brave enough for an overnight ghost hunt? The South Pittsburg Hospital is a frightening option. The hospital was built in 1959 and closed its doors for good in 1998. Paranormal activity in the hospital is believed to stem from several past events, including a bloody Civil War battle and the injuries, illnesses, and deaths of past hospital patients. 

Many of the hospital’s past employees have reported sightings of strange, spooky behavior, including inanimate objects moving on their own, shadowy figures roaming the corridors, and the spirits of individuals interacting with the living including the “Naughty Nurse” and “Buddy”. 

exterior of the hunter museum of art where august hoffman’s ghost allegedly resides

For information about tours and ghost hunts, contact the Old South Pittsburg Paranormal Research Center at (815) 216-5724.

Hunter Museum of American Art

The Hunter Museum of American Art may house more than just art...it’s believed that the museum is the home of at least five ghosts, including the ghost of Augusta Hoffman who was allegedly murdered by her aunt and uncle. Her disappearance made national news due to her socialite status. A skeleton was found years later under the floor of her niece and nephew’s home where she had lived, right next to the Hunter Museum’s location. Scraps of clothing and a pair of glasses which were identified as hers were found on the bones. Many have claimed to have seen Hoffman’s apparition throughout the museum.

Greenwood Cemetery

A list of haunted places wouldn’t be complete without a spooky cemetery. The grounds of Greenwood Cemetery in Chattanooga are believed to be haunted by the apparition of a murdered woman who became wheel-chair bound because of illness. The woman’s husband, who was having an affair at the time, pushed her into the lake near the cemetery, killing her. Reports of a green mist at the cemetery are believed to be the woman. Sometimes, the mist is accompanied by wheelchair tracks on the ground.

Chattanooga Choo Choo

Finally, the Choo-Choo grounds themselves are said to be haunted by a few benevolent ghosts, one a porter still trying to assist guests with their luggage, one a woman frantically searching for her child, and at least one Civil War soldier. You can hear more about these ghosts on Chattanooga Ghost Tours’ Choo-Choo Trout Ghost Tour, which starts at their outpost here on the Choo-Choo grounds.

Plan your spooky Chattanooga adventure with the Historic Chattanooga Choo Choo—Stay In A Historic Train Car Room or the MacArthur building.

Pete DiMaio